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Shiro Buni
a world of doodles and stories
Without a Heartbeat 

Without a heart | Any | R | 105
unbeta-ed , drabble, angst

Dark, its dark.

It hurts. I can't breath.

Someone. Anyone. Save me.

Night. A bottomless ocean of ink...a bottomless pit of darkness.

The lies

The truth.

It all hurts.

But every time i wake, every time i breath

What awaits is another day, another day filled with pain.

Because of you, how many sunrises have i watched by myself

How many nights have i spent wiping away dry tears

Theres nothing left for me here

Nothing left

Make the pain go away

In the end

I have nothing left.



It hurts, its cold

Please. Make it go away.

Someone. Anyone. Help me. Please.

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