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Shiro Buni
a world of doodles and stories
Day Seven: Ice Skating 
Ice Skating | Minkey | G | 631
unbeta-ed , drabble, fluff

Why are we here?" Kibum asked tightly clutching the railing, trying to stand up straight.

Minho slowly spun around. Smirking smugly at the older. "We're here for fun. “ He grinned circling around like a vulture. “You've really never been to an ice rink before?"

Kibum shook his head. It was beneath my time. Not to mention I really really hate sports

Minho rolled his eyes hiding an amused smile. " Well there's always a first for everything right?"

Kibum glared at him. If looks could kill, hundreds of fans would be mourning the tall mans death. "Who would want to go ice skating, anyway? It's just a chance to fall down and humiliate yourself."

Minho smirked. "It's a chance for you to humiliate yourself. I, for one, know how to skate." 

He scowled at him. Kibum had left the dorm feeling ecstatic, they had a day off from their hectic schedule and Minho had promised a dream date....this, however was nowhere near dream like " What are you planning choi minho.."

"I'm planning on melting your heart." said Minho, nonchalantly.

Kibum raised an eyebrow. "You expect bringing me to an ice rink to melt my heart?"

Minho stopped. "...I didn't think of that."

Kibum rolled his eyes. "Of course you didn't." He turned to watch, staring at the children smiling, and laughing as their parents pulled them around. A single death lump, skating freely around the families at a deathly speed. "Why are you really doing this?

Minho sighed. Pealing his gaze from the man and turning to the freezing elder. " Is it really that strange that I wanna spend time with you?”

“It wouldn't be if you hadn't been eyeing your cellphone this whole time.”

Minho pouted, digging the tip of his skate into the ice, Kibum wasn't so sure if that was safe. “ I made a bet with Jonghyun. He owes me twenty bucks if I can get you to enjoy ice skating."

Kibum laughed without humor. "And you plan on melting my heart? Good luck with that."

Minho grinned and grabbed his hand. Pulling him away from the railing and farther into the ice rink. Kibum swayed on the ice, close to slipping.

"Let me go!" he shrieked. Digging his nails onto the youngers forearm like his very life depended on it. “Choi Minho I swear to whoever it is you pray to, that if you drop me you are dead.”

Minho just laughed and spun him around. Kibum gasped and slipped on the ice. Minho caught him before he could fall.

He grinned mischievously at him. Face inches away from his own "Have I melted your heart, yet?"

Kibum glared at him. Blushing ever so slightly "If I say yes, can we leave?"

He laughed and helped him stand. Hugging the elders waist, and bringing him closer to him, swaying gracefully around the rink. “ Hey, I get twenty bucks, we can have dinner or something”

Kibum rolled his eyes at him attempting to peal himself and make his way back to the railing.

“ I'll be right with you alright?” Kibum looked up, yelping when a pair of warm lips pressed against his own, making his already
flushed cheeks burn brighter.

“O-okay...” He slowly but surely made his way back, gripping the railing to the point of making his own fingers numb. Kibum turned as he finally made his way to solid..non slipper land, sitting on the nearest bench and looking for the tall brute. “ Of course.” Kibum murmured, catching the always competitive frog racing the other fool up and down the rink.

He sighed, pressing gloved fingers against his own lips. Perhaps he had melted his heart a bit.

That didn't mean he had to like it.

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