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Shiro Buni
a world of doodles and stories
Day Six: Hot Chocolate 

Hot Chocolate | Ontae | G | 329
unbeta-ed , drabble, fluff

"Take your hot chocolate Jinki! It's melting my ice cream!"

Jinki took it out of Taemin's hands and held it as if it were the key to his salvation. He looked up as Taemin was doing the same to his ice cream.
He held it out. "You want a bite?"

Jinki opened his mouth, waiting for him to hold the ice cream closer but instead, he took it back. Jinki cocked his head to the side in confusion.

Taemin looked at Jinki and then at the ice cream and then back at him. "But I kind of want the first bite."

Jinki chuckled, taking a sip of the hot chocolate and melted at the warmth. " go for it, but im not eating it anymore"

His eyes turned big and round bitting a huge chunk of ice cream. " Why not its delicious."

"It has your germs all over. " He pouted.
"Whats it taste like."

Jinki chuckled, half smiling at the younger. " But it looks pretty."

"But if its lonely its not as pretty as when its accompanied by something..." Taemin leaned closer to Jinki, snuggling into his side. 

Jinki became amused at the sudden third person talk and began to follow it up, " Awww, taeminah does the ice cream cone need a friend?" pushing his hot chocolate closer to the younger as he spoke, laughing lightly when he felt taemin nod heartily against his shoulder.

"Too bad hot coco and ice cream will upset your stomach."
"Won't you be lonely by yourself?"
"You mean the hot coco..."
".........Do you like me Jinki?"

He leaned in, brushing lips cold lips against sugary ones. " Of course I do."
Taemin snatched the hot chocolate from his hands and take a huge gulp before settling it onto the table with a smug smile.
"Then take care of me during my stomach ache."
Jinki chuckled and shook his head, wrapping both his arms around the thin frame.

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