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Shiro Buni
a world of doodles and stories
Day Five: Crowded Malls 

Crowded Malls | Ontae | G | 144
unbeta-ed , drabble, fluff

" Jinki hyung wanted chicken."
Taemin squeezed his way through the mall, making a desperate attempt to get his hyungs favorite chicken before the place closed for the day. It was hard, but Taemin knew it would be the best present he could get him " Please let it still be opened."

Jinki began to pace nervously at their dorm, taemin had been gone for most of the day and wouldn't answer his phone and he was begining to worry because his taeminie was so tiny and someone could of taken him and and---

"I'm home~!!" Jinki jumped and half ran to the front door smiling brightly at the pretty blonde who was kicking his shoes off.
"Hyung i got you chicken."

Jinki flung himself forward and wrapped his arms around the younger.

The best present Jinki could ever ask for was already his.

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