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Shiro Buni
a world of doodles and stories
Day Two: First Snowfall 

First Snowfall | Jongyu | G | 129
unbeta-ed , drabble, fluff

The first time they kissed was a very hard thing to accomplish. Jinki found it weird to have someone else wet muscles in his mouth and Jonghyun's breath wasn't all that great.

The first time they made love was awkward and it hurt, Jinki forced Jonghyun to do all his bidding’s for a whole week, and refused a second round for two.

The first time they fought had made Jinki really upset, he'd cried the whole night until Jonghyun came in with bright red rimmed eyes and kissed him until he was forgiven.

The first time it snowed, Jonghyun had promised that he'd make every day count [good and bad] Smiling through teary eyes and shy smiles as he slipped the white as gold ring unto Jinki's chubby fingers.

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