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Shiro Buni
a world of doodles and stories
Day One: Lights 

Lights | Jongyu,| G | 107
unbeta-ed , drabble, fluff

“ Their so pretty” Jinki cooed,chubby cheeks causing his small eyes to disappear further. It was their first Christmas together, one of many firsts the two had shared this year. Jinki couldn't begin to describe the joy this time of year brought him, he could ask for nothing more.

Jonghyun flashed his crooked smile walking over to stand behind Jinki. He rose to his toes a bit so that he could look over the older boy's shoulder and wrapped his arms around his slim waist.

“They light up the world, just like you light up mine.”

Except ask Jonghyun to be a little bit less cheesy.

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